Art Educator. Photographer. Ceramicist. Artist.

Teaching Art in the Hudson Valley for 10+ Years!

Nice To Meet You

I am a NYS Certified Art Educator and Artist teaching in the Hudson Valley.

I hold a Bachelor's degree in Art Education from The State University of New York at New Paltz, with a concentration in Ceramics. In most recent years I have taught Secondary Level Art in the Hudson Valley, both in public and private settings. 

For the last 9+ years, I taught art and media for The Art Effect (formerly Mill Street Loft + Spark Media Project), directed two of their outreach programs, and was the Associate Director of Explore Programming. I also had the amazing opportunity to oversee all three locations of Dutchess Arts Camp! This was one of the first places I grew my own roots in the arts, and my heart is still very much a part of the organization. 

Aside from my work with The Art Effect, I have hands-on teaching experience working with many different students of all ages. I have dedicated myself to art education and I am an active member of the arts community in the Hudson Valley. I have also taught in Manhattan for several not-for-profits, as well as The Metropolitan Museum of Art. 

As an artist, I have had experience working in many mediums including black and white photography, digital photography, painting, drawing, ceramic, sculpture, digital media, and basic printmaking, among many other disciplines. I am constantly learning about art processes and continually educating myself in regards to the arts and education.

I am a member of both the National Art Education Association and the New York State Art Teachers Association, and attend their conferences regularly. I have also conducted research regarding using 21st Century practices in the art classroom. I have found many uses for technology, specifically the SMART Board, in the art classroom inspired by the Partnership for 21 st Century Skills Framework. Using this research I have authored a book highlighting my findings. I have presented this information on a national and local level, and have trained art teachers to use technology in their classrooms. Currently I am working on integrating the i-Pad into my classroom.

Aside from being technologically savvy, one of my greatest strengths as an educator is my ability to inspire and motivate my students. I have taught students of many nationalities, religions, economic backgrounds, and students with disabilities. I believe in teaching original lessons that my students can relate to, and allow for their creativity to blossom. I personalize my art curricula to fit the needs of my students. I understand that not all of my students will go on to be artists, but I recognize the arts can play an important role in education for all scholars. I have developed differentiated techniques and methods that allow for all types of learners, and I am able to keep my students engaged. I have designed rich and multifaceted lessons that incorporate many ideas, materials, and disciplines. Additionally, I have collaborated with teachers from other subjects to enhance learning objectives of core classes. Each lesson I teach provides a valuable learning experience and most importantly, fun!

I Truly believe that when students are having fun, they learn and perform to their highest potential.